Prometheus — 6/10

PROMETHEUS (2012, Ridley Scott): 6/10

A gorgeous-looking atmospheric sci-fi horror film, which is nothing new for Scott. There are also some extremely effective suspense sequences, most notably a self-performed C-section with a terrifying result — giving fans what they expect from a Ridley Scott ALIEN movie. But the character work leaves a lot to be desired here: only Idris Elba’s captain has rounded edges with a great sense of humor (he has one wordless expression here so winning that I was laughing aloud in the theater for a good 10 seconds), whereas everyone else is crushed by the weight of Scott’s loftier big-universe goals — a story about no less than the creation of mankind, God, the past, and the future. These conceptual pillars dwarf the human story and smother any emotional investment we might have. And this kind of cold, robotic approach is probably why Michael Fassbender, playing an android, gives the best performance in the film.


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