Goon — 5/10

GOON (2012, Michael Dowse): 5/10

A couple of successful Hollywood Jews with a background in working under Judd Apatow have understandably received the funds to develop a screenplay about a comically violent Jewish hockey player. This script has been shot by competent crew members in production, and edited together adequately to highlight the charm of its lead, Seann William Scott. The film, with a typically inoffensive running time of 91 minutes, hits the beats that producers expect out of a comedy, including a predictably half-assed romantic subplot shoehorned in and acted adequately by THE NEWSROOM’s Alison Pill. There are jokes designed to make the viewer chuckle, and music mixed in by the audio editors at acceptable levels. Upon completion of the final cut of this motion picture effort, it found the required distribution to be available on Netflix Instant. I was doing a bunch of things on Friday, and then on Friday night I utilized Netflix Instant to view the production. When it was over, I continued to do other things.

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  1. Spence

    Funny review, and from the sound of it, more entertaining than the movie.

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