Brave — 6/10

BRAVE (2012, Mark Andrews & Brenda Chapman): 6/10

Another incredibly well-animated film from Pixar, which keeps doing amazing things with its visuals. Unfortunately, unlike with WALL-E or UP (and more like with CARS or THE INCREDIBLES), the script here can’t support them well enough. This isn’t much of a story, and while admirable in message (impetuous girl and overbearing mother must learn to compromise for each other while Pixar teaches bratty teens to grow up) it doesn’t have those charming supporting characters that Pixar often has (see TOY STORY 3), and it doesn’t have the crackling dialogue that we saw in films like MONSTERS, INC. Kelly Macdonald and Emma Thompson are perfectly fine as the daughter and mother, but Billy Connolly’s annoying, broad-stroked royal father is aiming right for the gutter.


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