Project X — 5/10

PROJECT X (2012, Nima Nourizadeh): 5/10

It’s hard to think of a film with less on its mind than this one, which is just an excuse to throw a huge party on screen. The premise is the entire content of the movie — high school teens throw an epic shindig. Compounding things are the pointless found-footage nature of the camerawork (it’s like CHRONICLE with tequila shots) and the girls-gone-wild fascination with seeing as many hot teenage girls naked as possible. In the world of PROJECT X, all high school kids are seemingly of the same culture — while there may be some minor antagonization, everyone pretty much likes dubstep, hip-hop, liquor, and whatnot. This high school has no nerds, no goth kids, no foreign students, no weirdos, no gays, no theater people. It’s just a mass of people applauding for the one kid who let them get fucked up and see a bunch of tits.

I give the film credit for staging some pretty wild action and covering it well enough given the format. It has Joel Silver’s and Todd Phillips’s fingerprints on it solidly. But despite a title card implying that those who “disturb the peace” are “most likely to succeed,” there isn’t any “there” there.


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