God Bless America — 2/10

GOD BLESS AMERICA (2012, Bobcat Goldthwait): 2/10

What the fuck is going on with this piece of shit? I don’t even know where to begin. I guess the overall idea is that this is pure ineptitude from start to finish. It accomplishes nothing, says nothing, and leaves a lot of dead bodies to show for it. Goldthwait has always been a comic with plenty of rage inside him, but something happened with this effort wherein the anger consumed him to the point where he was left hopelessly incompetent — he comes across like a pathetic, ineffectual whiner here, so behind the times, so out of touch, so ignorant, so closed-minded, and somehow so self-satisfied, that the only way he can make a peep is by attempting to shock people. The only thing shocking is how thunderingly boring this movie is.

What is it? If it’s a satire, why isn’t it funny? If it’s a parody, where is the spin or the twist? For example, the scene where Joel Murray is buying guns in a hotel room is an obvious allusion to TAXI DRIVER, but why? It just re-creates the scene, but without a punchline or angle on it. It’s just a much worse written and directed version of the scene, even going so far as to end it the same way (after the gun sale, the salesman tries to push drugs, which our antihero turns down). It doesn’t do anything with BONNIE & CLYDE, or with THE KING OF COMEDY, or any number of movies its floundering mess of ideas is eagerly hoping to crib from. It tries to make a grand statement about American Idol being the soul-sucking demon of pop culture, encouraging kicking people when they’re down — but it doesn’t even construct a logical or humorous version of the show. It’s just a dull, lifeless, ugly, mess of a movie with zero energy or intelligence. And let’s not even mention poor Tara Lynn Barr’s shrill performance. The quicker this abortion is forgotten, the better her chances of having a career when she grows up and learns how to act.


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2 responses to “God Bless America — 2/10

  1. Anonymous

    So why even give it a two? Sounds like something I won’t even see when it quickly makes it’s way to TV.

    • Good question. I suppose it isn’t quite a 1/10 because of Joel Murray’s performance. He does the best he can despite having nothing to work with. Deserved a better film.

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