Wreck It Ralph — 6/10

WRECK-IT RALPH (2012, Rich Moore): 6/10

Cute enough, and sizzling with pop culture creativity and ’80s/’90s nerd references — something to be expected from Moore, one of the guys behind The Simpsons and Futurama. But it just sort of fades away when you leave the theater, disintegrating like the cotton candy that overstuffs the entire fat middle section of this film. Reilly and Silverman put in some good voice work and I giggled at a few of the one-liner zingers, but stretches of it are just so zany and manic and geared 100% towards children that my attention was wavering and my patience growing thin.

I want to bring some special attention to PAPERMAN, the John Lasseter-produced short that played before the feature. Now this is something else — as close to perfect as short films get; forget that it’s animated. The visuals, the storytelling, the whimsy, and the romance — it’s just amazing. I could watch 15 hours of dialogue-free animated shorts if they were all as good as this (and the beginning of WALL*E), and if PAPERMAN doesn’t win the Oscar for animated short, then I will race to watch the one that does because it would have to be a masterpiece to top this.


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