This Is 40 — 7/10

THIS IS 40 (2012, Judd Apatow): 7/10

Cheeky bastard — Apatow has solved his career-long, movie-crippling problem of not knowing how to handle the third act… and he’s done it by not having a first or second act either. Brilliant! So yes, this movie is meandering and shapeless, and just sort of goes and goes until it stops, but it’s a lot of fun to live with these characters speaking these lines. There are so many great moments in the dialogue, a lot of them containing Apatow’s signature of using overly specific references as a means of insulting someone. And it’s hard to find more likable leads than Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. Add to that a sensational supporting turn from Albert Brooks (dare I say better than his work as a heavy in DRIVE) and you’ve got a winner, warts and all.

One more thing — after her work in FRIENDS WITH KIDS and now this, Megan Fox is proving to be a real actress. It kind of shames me into realizing I was practicing a bit of reverse prejudice by assuming super hot women can’t act (though I’m not alone in this), but it’s clear Fox is good, and she may never really get the credit she deserves.


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