The Queen of Versailles — 6/10

THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES (2012, Lauren Greenfield): 6/10

Not a very well-put-together documentary, but one which exposes quite a bit about the lifestyles of the obscenely wealthy. At times Greenfield’s editing techniques are cheap and scolding (like holding on a character laughing and smiling blankly after saying something Greenfield thinks is dumb; or including a guy saying “Tell me when you’re ready” to the crew and then introducing himself), but then again there’s a lot to scold about materialistic fatcats complaining about going from billionaire status to millionaire status. It’s a good idea — using this specific story to shed light on what the 2008 financial crisis meant as a whole to the American economy and its families — but one which I wish was executed better and with a little more taste.

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  1. Spence

    This screened in Santa Fe earlier this year. It sounded interesting, but left before I had a chance to see it.
    I saw the protagonist interviewed (forget where) and was amused by his claim that the filmmaker originally told him the story would be sympathetic, but instead made him and his wife out to be uber-materialists (say what?????). I also seem to remember an article in The New York Times about this home/project. Talk about excess!

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