Ted — 6/10

TED (2012, Seth MacFarlane): 6/10

About what you’d expect from a live-action Family Guy episode: solid performances from MacFarlane and Kunis, with Warburton and Borstein in support; strangely specific pop culture references; over-the-top raunch humor, and lots of fart jokes. Wahlberg guest stars with a game comic performance (matching his energy from THE OTHER GUYS) and the white-trash-name scene is an absolute riot. Also, I’ve been a huge FLASH GORDON fan since childhood and I still watch my DVD of that amazing camp classic – so to see it featured so heavily here was a treat. I’m not convinced it was necessarily good for the movie, but I selfishly coveted it.

But for some reason MacFarlane spends most of the third act mired in a ridiculous “thriller” subplot involving an uncharacteristically bored Giovanni Ribisi (who was far more effective as Wahlberg’s nemesis in their other 2012 effort, CONTRABAND) and a boring chase sequence.

I assume by now everyone has noticed this movie also had pretty much the same plot as THE MUPPETS (overgrown man child with talking stuffed animal is urged by girlfriend to grow up and propose to her). It’s a lame premise but THE MUPPETS handled it with a lot more heart and a little more cleverness.

BTW, has anyone made the “Ted talks!” joke? Okay just making sure.


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