Evil Dead — 5/10

EVIL DEAD (2013, Fede Alvarez): 5/10

A grim and joyless assault, serving little purpose other than to pummel the audience into submission with gore, dismemberment, and noise. Faithful in many ways to the original (and far less so than to Raimi’s own remake, the brilliant and funny camp classic EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN), but not really in spirit. Although Alvarez has a good eye and camera sense, his touch is much heavier and more somber than Raimi’s, thus there are no smiles to be had. And perhaps that’s the point, but this is more of an endurance test than entertainment. Points are deserved for the metaphor about addiction and kicking addiction, in that being a heroin junkie affects those who care about the user as much as it affects the user herself, and cold turkey withdrawal brings up a lot of nasty demons. But this can only take the film so far, and with nary a joke or sense of irony to leaven the proceedings, the result is pretty numbing.

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