We Are the Best! — 6/10

WE ARE THE BEST! (2014, Lukas Moodysson)

Not exactly the return to the SHOW ME LOVE/TOGETHER Moodysson of old that I had hoped for, but after the brutally effective LILYA 4-EVER (the second-saddest film I’ve ever seen) gave way to gross weirdness like A HOLE IN MY HEART, any warm little slice-of-life comedy is gonna go down smoothly. Unfortunately, as likable as this is, it’s slight, it’s a bit undercooked, and it doesn’t really stretch Moodysson’s style in any sort of aesthetically interesting way.

After introducing Bobo’s mother and decently establishing her character (flailing mom, burning through boyfriends month to month), Moodysson just dumps her from the film altogether for no apparent reason. Instead, he spends the third act laboring with a boring, pedestrian plot about the girls fighting over a boy — the kind of reductive narrative that the movie was adroitly avoiding for the first hour. The Hedvig character suffers the most in this section, staying off to the sidelines so Bobo and Klara can get their drama in. The climactic concert does contain the kind of amusing punk display I wanted to see from the girls (they’re pretty OG for being 13 years old) but for the most part, despite strong performances from the two Miras, this thing basically just feels unnecessary and safe, with little directorial flavor to make it stand out.


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