Results — 6/10

RESULTS (2015, Andrew Bujalski)

Good luck finding a review of this movie that doesn’t lead with the director — either introducing him to readers via his past as a mumblecore auteur (FUNNY HA HA, MUTUAL APPRECIATION), or contrasting this film with his weird and original 2013 film COMPUTER CHESS. But truthfully, RESULTS barely feels directed at all. There are some bizarre old-school wipes fresh out of STAR WARS that really don’t serve to transition into a new scene very well, and once in a while an edit will make a good point. I can even remember one composition that was striking — a shot of Pearce in a bathroom peeing while the right 2/3 of the frame showed Danny’s dark, empty house. But for the most part, this is a character study and a low-key comedy, and it could have been directed by anyone from Joe Swanberg to Lynn Shelton.

Pearce, Smulders, and Corrigan give fine performances, though Smulders is hampered by a contentious and unlikable character who seems pretty unlikely to be the center of this love triangle. But plenty of scenes just lie flat, some meander, and others are quite forgettable. In short, it’s just a half-filled plastic cup of iced tea, something that was there and then it wasn’t. Hard to criticize too much, but even harder to think of a reason to revisit it.

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